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Scrap Metal Recycling Richmond Virginia Article

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´╗┐Metal Recycling West Virginia

Recycling is a process that most of us are familiar with today. With the huge emphasis that's being put on cleaning up our environment to make it a healthier place for us all to live, the thing most commonly recommended is recycling or, more specifically, metal recycling.

West Virginia residents have some excellent choices in where to have to get their metal recycling. West Virginia is home to the largest and oldest metal recycler in the United States, Strauss Industries.

Strauss Industries is a privately owned as well as the parent company of the group that is responsible for most of the metal recycling in West Virginia. They have four different sites so they're able to help many businesses as well as private individual with their recycling needs.

When we think of recycling, we often think about all those aluminum pop cans we've saved and turned in for extra cash when we were children or, even now, as adults.

Metal recycling, however, covers a lot more than just aluminum pop cans, especially at Strauss Industries, the most well-known plant for metal recycling West Virginia has.

Metal recycling companies will pay cash for more items than most people are aware of today. Some of these items may include automotive engines, aluminum ladders, batteries, catalytic converters, household appliances, aluminum cans, brass or copper items, microwaves, old tools and much more.

Almost anything you can imagine that you have is probably a good candidate for metal recycling. West Virginia residents use this opportunity clean out their yards, garage or home, make money in the process and know they are helping to reduce the landfill usage, thus helping the environment.

Businesses as large as Strauss Industries are able to do recycling in a matter of minutes with the large heavy-duty recycling equipment they use. Watching some of the items be recycled is very interesting as well as a learning experience for all.

Since they shred approximately 150,000 tons for later recycling, they're very experienced and efficient. You can watch a full size automobile be shredded into small pieces that will fit in your hand in literally a matter of seconds. This is how they're able to recycle the metal and reproduce new metal and steel products.

Steel manufacturers use these parts as well as trucks, buses, appliances and almost any other recyclable you can think of for their metal recycling. West Virginia has more than one recycling facility, however.

There are many reputable places for recycling in West Virginia, as a trip through the yellow pages or a search online will show you.

Help keep our environment clean and healthy and give one of these excellent businesses a call.