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´╗┐Prices Of Scrap Metal At Recycling Centers

We've all been very conscientious about recycling as much of our garbage and unusable items as we possibly can to help conserve energy, preserve the landfills and, in general, help our environment.

The prices of scrap metal at recycling centers also plays a part in how much recycling people do as well as the items they have to recycle. Scrap metal is the number one thing that people bring in for recycling, a fact probably due to the numerous items that can be brought in for recycling.

Throughout the United States there are hundreds of recycling centers. Most of them cater to businesses by bringing storage containers right to the site to make it more convenient for the business.

They bring pallets, gaylords, dumpsters or other storage units and leave them on the site until they're full, at which time, they will come and pick them up.

Homeowners use the prices of scrap metal recycling centers as a reason for turning in their old garbage. Not only are they getting a good price for their garbage but they're also getting their yards and garage cleaned out. Almost everything today is recyclable.

Some of the items that can be turned in to recycling centers include air conditioners, aluminum cans, cast iron, hot water heaters, aluminum steel ladders, appliances, cast iron bathtubs, motors, microwaves, all types of bronze and brass, pots and pans, copper pipes, bicycles, automotive parts and more.

Prices of scrap metal at recycling centers vary depending on what type of metal is being recycled. Metal is broken down into ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

The prices of scrap metal at recycling centers are different for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals, which are iron, steel, tin, etc., may sell for anywhere from $.03 to over $.10 while non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, etc.) may sell for up to $2.75 when the prices are going good.

The recycling centers are able to determine the difference between the ferrous and non-ferrous metals by the use of a magnet.

Prices of scrap metal at recycling centers may vary from week to week or even day to day depending on the going price.

Another thing that may affect the prices of scrap metal at recycling centers is how neat the metal is and if it's sorted. If the recycling center has to sort it, they aren't going to give as high of a price. You're encouraged to remove any plastic, rubber or wood parts, which will make it easier as well as give you a better price.

Most of the recycling centers will not take hazardous or flammable items.