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´╗┐Different Types of Metal Recycling Machines

We hear a lot today about recycling as a way to clean up our environment, reduce the amount of debris, conserve energy and help save our landfills. Almost everything we use today can be recycled and we're encouraged to do so as much as possible.

Metal Recycling companies will pay money for your old items; most of these items are garbage anyways so why not earn some extra money while cleaning up your garage or yard?

Metal Recycling companies will pick up your recyclables at your home or business. They'll leave large bins, pallets or dumpsters and pick them up when they're full.

The process of recycling metal involves a large process, which is completed by different metal recycling machines. From the time you throw out that old aluminum pop can or old automotive motor to the time the entire recycling process is completed, they go through a variety of metal recycling machines.

When scrap metal is picked up from a home or business, it goes through many stages before it's actually made into the new steel we buy today. It gets sorted, sheared, torched and baled.

Some of the different types of metal recycling machines used in this process include fixed and mobile shears, conveyors and material handlers for loading as well as balers.

Shredding machines are metal recycling machines that make the recycling process quick and easy as they can shred large items such as appliance, automobile bodies, etc. and turn them into pieces as small as your fist in a matter of seconds.

Magnetized drums, induction sorting systems and current separators are some other valuable metal recycling machines and these are used to separate the materials. These metal recycling machines help the process along by turning the recyclables into not only a small piece but also make them the proper purity and density so steel mills can melt them to begin the process of producing new steel and steel products.

Other metal recycling machines that are used are conveyors, can crushers, balers and palletainers. Conveyors are used to separate the aluminum cans from the bi-metal cans. This is done with the use of magnets, which pull them off the belt.

When this is done, the conveyer then puts the cans into the can crusher, which provides a lot more room. In fact, once the cans are crushed there's almost four times as much storage space.

The palletainers are big cages with wheels that store the paper and sort it into whatever grade it is. Different grades may be glossy paper, office paper, magazines, newspaper or ledger. Once they're sorted, the paper that's non-recyclable in thrown into the trash.

Each of the metal recycling machines has it's own roll in the metal recycling process.