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´╗┐Metal Recycling Machine to Make the Recycling Complete

When we think of recycling, most of think of the beverage cans we collect and turn in for cash or the dumpster we throw our trash in so we don't have to sort it for recycling. Seldom do we think beyond that point such as where the garbage goes when it leaves our yard or the metal recycling machine that turns it into a new product that can be reused.

Metal scrap and other recyclables actually wind up in more than one metal recycling machine before the entire process is complete.

One type of metal recycling machine that recycling companies use is the metal shredder. There are many different types of metal shredders depending on the needs of the company and the type and size metal they will be crushing or shredding.

The Lindemann metal crusher is a very efficient piece of machinery that is used by many municipal waste incineration plants, metal recyclers and remelting businesses dealing with non-ferrous metals.

This metal recycling machine can inexpensively and efficiently crush a wide variety of metal scrap including aluminum scrap, electronic scrap, waste incineration, etc. It is built with a special technology that allows it to increase throughput while still reducing energy consumption.

A container loading system is another type of metal recycling machine that helps the process go more efficiently. It loads the shipments of recyclables quick and efficient for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The heavy duty hopper and belt conveyor will help reduce the time it takes to load the material and, therefore, increase the productivity of your business.

Scrap baling presses are a metal recycling machine that is one of the most advanced items for recycling. It can take all the sheets, trimming, shavings and wires from all types of scrap metal and turn them into high-density square bales for easy shipment.

These are used by metal recyclers, the re-melting industry as well as the automotive industry.

Briquetting presses work the same as the baling presses except they turn brass, steel, aluminum and other metals into high-density briquettes, which make them excellent for transfer the scrap elsewhere.

The scrap metal recycling industry requires more than the use of just one metal recycling machine. From the time it leaves your dumpster, to the time it becomes a new recycled product, it goes through many steps. An aluminum can sorter is one metal recycling machine that is used to sort the aluminum from the non-aluminum by the use of a magnet.

From there they get pressed, shredded, baled and melted. Each of these processes is done from a different metal recycling machine. So you see how much more detailed recycling is than many of us think.