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Why Has Worldwide Equipment Recycling Developed?

Worldwide equipment recycling, an increasingly common phenomenon these days, is a relatively new development, arising out of both the globalization of economies and a worldwide concern for the effects of human growth and development on the resources of Earth.

These days, the concept of worldwide equipment recycling is pervasive, covering everything from the worldwide sales of kits to refill computer printer ink cartridges, to personal shredders that can be attached to a home or office wastebasket, to the return and reuse of cellular phones, to the manufacturing, selling, refurbishing and reselling of heavy equipment to be used in recycling cars, trucks, electronic equipment, and even buildings.

A decade ago it was virtually unheard of.

Companies like Apple, for example, consider worldwide equipment recycling as a mandated part of their larger goal of being socially responsible and creating a positive impact on the world's environment.

Beginning with a take-back initiative in Germany in 1994, Apple has expanded its worldwide equipment recycling efforts and programs so that they now divert about 34 million pounds (per year) of computer and other electronic equipment from landfills all over the world.

They currently have take-back programs in Germany, the United States, Canada, Japan, and much of Europe. They are gradually reengineering their laptops and other computers to minimize or eliminate the use of such toxic substances as bromine (circuit board laminates), mercury (LED backlit laptop screens), and arsenic (LCD display glass).

Further, a huge market niche – Worldwide Equipment Recycling – has opened up for distributors on the Internet. If a machine exists to recycle something, an organization's purchasing agents can find it – either new or used – somewhere online, and generally with a price that fits the organization's budget.

Companies are even creating strategic alliances, such as that between Intechra (commercial electronics recycling and refurbishing) and SalvageSale, Inc. (online auction and services provider of worldwide commercial salvage and corporate end-of-life assets), to offer environmentally responsible and secure recycling services, as well as equipment remarketing services.

Worldwide equipment recycling has clearly come about to answer the need of corporate clients, whether large or small, to acquire machinery and services to support their recycling/reuse efforts, in order to be socially responsible, which is something of a watchword to today's investors. Worldwide equipment recycling also has come about to help organizations have a wider base of equipment to choose from.

But most of all, worldwide equipment recycling has come about because someone (or several someone's) saw a niche to be filled, and filled it, which led to others following in his/her footsteps.