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Ecosystem Of An Aquarium: A Tank Of Discovery

You may have seen the fish tank in someone's house, your dentist's office, or even the pet store. You admire the fish and move on, but have you ever stopped and thought about ecosystems?

Aquariums are a perfect example of aquatic ecosystems. Aquariums can be a useful tool to teach this basis of who we are.

Some ecosystem populations may live within the same habitat. For example: A small pond may have several aquatic populations that coexist in the same water, at the same time.

Human activity can have a major detrimental impact on these ecosystems. Aquarium studies can help those learn about these relationships of organisms, so we can better learn what it takes to maintain the gentle balance of these ecosystems.

Aquariums are areas (tank, bowl, etc.) that have at least one transparent side (most have three), in which water dwelling plants or animals are kept. There is specialized equipment needed to maintain the characteristics that are suitable for its residents. These living areas can be a small bowl that is fine for one fish or a large tank that can simulate full ecosystems.

Aquarium Chat

There are differences in ecosystems; aquariums have to be adjusted to fit these differences. Temperature can be a major factor. Warm water is used in tropical aquariums.

These usually hold organisms that are typically found in the tropics of the oceans and rivers. The fish and coral are usually brightly colored. However, a cold water tank is also popular. These usually are homes to the ever-popular goldfish that have found their way into the hearts of domestic fish tank owners.

There are different types of ecosystem aquariums:

Fresh water – These are the most popular variety because of their relatively low cost and maintenance.

Marine – These are salt water ecosystem aquariums. These require more complex equipment, set up, and maintenance. However, the payoff is that you can have a virtual ocean right in your home or office. Along with a large variety of fish species, there are many invertebrates that you can invite into your tank. There are sea sponges, mollusks, and flatworms that can successful live in a domestic marine aquarium.

Brackish – These combine the elements of both fresh and salt water tanks. The organisms come from habitats that vary in salinity. In nature, these organisms would be found in mangroves and estuaries.

Reef – This ecosystem aquarium is a unique marine aquarium because it houses a community of coral and those organisms that live upon the reefs.

An aquarium ecosystem can be a great way to teach others about aquatic organisms and their habitat. With a little hard work, you can enjoy your very own ecosystem.

Aquarium information is plentiful and after doing a little research, then you will be ready to create your own aquatic ecosystem.