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The Ecosystem Causing Loss To Bio Diversity - What It Means

Biodiversity is vital to the well being and health of the planet through provisioning, regulating, cultural ecosystem services and the support of ecosystem services. However the exploitation of biodiversity is cause for some alarm as ecosystems have been drastically altered in some areas as a result.

Even with the problem in the ecosystem, causing loss to bio diversity, there have also been positive affects as well.

Benefits Gained As A Result Of Ecosystem Loss To Biodiversity

These areas that place a lot of pressure on bio diversity, have also been the backbone of the national development of the country and provided jobs, skills, industrialization and economic growth to the country.

• Agriculture
• Fisheries
• Forestry’s

The use and exploration on natural resources is also an important industry for rural areas and some harmful diseases have been wiped out as a result of biodiversity. There is a trade off when dealing with enhancing one area of the ecosystem causing loss to bio diversity in another area of the ecosystem.

Some of the areas that are benefitted in the ecosystem causing loss to bio diversity in other areas are crops, livestock, aquaculture and carbon sequestration.

Areas that are not improved include capture fisheries, timber production, the water supply, air quality, waste treatment, erosion, and other areas as well. The level of which the trade off affects different people in various aspects is something that needs to be considered to try to maintain a proper balance.

It is important to make sure that all the benefits are not affecting one group of people and all of the disadvantages affecting another group.

In regards to the ecosystem, causing loss to bio diversity is also important due to the fact that bio diversity has an intrinsic value. Bio diversity is valued for its spiritual, recreational, and aesthetic purposes and also for various cultural reasons.

Losses that result in the extinction of certain species or the loss of habitats are important topics that affect people on a deep and profound level.

Bio diversity can be viewed as a two edged sword. On the one hand many individuals receive benefits as a result of the actions that lead to changes in the ecosystem causing loss to bio diversity.

One the one hand the effects garnered from a loss to the ecosystem can be significant in terms of monetary gain or a higher level of living conditions and general well being. On the other hand, permanent damage can be done that can never be undone again.

The decision needs to be made as to what risks are willing to be taken and what sort of balance is right to justify certain actions.