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"Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" is the key to helping you get the answers you've been looking for about how you can help the world move toward becoming a zero waste society.

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With the state of the world today, we know that we need to change our habits… and fast! As individuals, we might not be sure what to do beyond putting out a recycling bin with our trash. There's a lot more we can do and a lot more that we NEED to do to make the difference the world needs.

The world is in desperate need of reform to a zero waste society. If you have questions about what you can do to change things, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" has the answers you need.


  • You know you want to make a difference but don't know how

  • You want to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem


  • You want a cleaner, healthier world for your children and grandchildren

You've come to the right place!

The book, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" covers a lot of questions and a lot of answers about the need for recycling and how every person on the planet can make a difference in the sustainability of our planet.

Have you turned to websites, films or to books for help in the past only to find you're only learning about how awful the state of the Earth is without the material telling you how to effect change? Are you nervous that you aren't exploring all of the options available for doing your part in protecting the planet? Would you feel better if you knew how to put an action plan together in order to make positive changes in your home, your neighborhood and your city?

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A lot of people have been personally impacted by the problem with waste and with the environment whether they realize it or not!

Toxic pollutants impact everyone. Global warming impacts everyone.

If you aren't concerned about the future of our planet already, you might be someone who needs a dose of harsh reality. A lot of people think they're doing their part by rinsing and recycling their soda cans but alone, it's just NOT enough.

Here's what you need to know about:

  • There are many different types of pollution that could be impacting your health and the environment

  • Water pollution is at a dangerous level and can impact the environment in massive ways

  • There are more than just direct waste impacts to the planet. Indirect impact can be just as devastating!

  • The barriers to recycling that you can help with

  • How to influence politics and political agendas to help the planet

  • Practicing advanced recycling in your home and elsewhere in your community

The threat of waste impacts more than just our health. It impacts our financial future as well because of the costs associated with purchasing goods, disposing of waste and spending from our own pockets.

We've somehow moved to a disposable society where we spend inordinate amounts of money on buying new stuff constantly. Disposable dishes, disposable appliances and gadgets…it is unhealthy and has to stop!

Reading the book, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" can be an eye opening and life changing experience that does more than tell you about the state of the world as a result of waste but it also tells you how to go about creating an action plan in your life that can contribute to a healthier, greener planet.

There are some startling facts in the book:

  • How much paper are you wasting? Did you know that more than 35% of the trees that are cut down are paper that gets ultimately wasted by going to a landfill where it takes many years to break down?

  • Old refrigerators that have been sitting in landfills for ages continue to leech chemicals into the atmosphere to harm our protective ozone layer

  • Old computers from the 1970's and 1980's (and even more recent ones now deemed obsolete by their former owners) are still sitting in landfills harming the environment as we speak.

  • Plastic waste that's in our landfills now can alter our hormones and impact animal and people's reproductive systems and even our behavior patterns.

Good News!

The good news is that "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" is the perfect resource for everything to do with recycling and changing our habits to positively impact Planet Earth. Not only will you learn about the real truth behind pollution and sustainable development but you'll also learn about what you can do to change your habits to save money, improve your health and contribute to solutions instead of problems.

If you're ready to change your habits and paint the earth greener, "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" can be downloaded and read right NOW. Regardless of your questions you have, this expansive resource will give you the answers you've been looking for and an action plan to improve the prognosis of the planet's health.

To start things off, we're going to talk about pollution and types of pollution.

  • Air pollution

  • Water pollution

  • Soil pollution

  • Direct waste threats

  • Indirect waste threats

  • Threats to human health

Then, we'll talk about

  • How recycling works

  • Saving energy

  • Reducing pollutants

  • Creating jobs

  • Urban vs. Rural recycling

The impact of:

  • Paper waste

  • Glass waste

  • Aluminum waste

  • Automotive waste

  • Electronics waste

  • Composting

  • Organic waste

  • Hazardous waste disposal

  • Batteries, wood, oil, chemicals and much, much more.

Then, there's a future plan for recycling talked about that impacts people, industries, countries and the future.

How to Get Started

Even if you have no knowledge whatsoever about recycling, this book can help you. It will guide you through learning about the problem and changing what you do to contribute to the solution.

But there's even more!

The book "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" is a thorough resource but we had so much information to share that we also put together the report, "21st Century Recycling: Practical Advice for a Zero Waste Society", which is a 12 page report that will help you to learn about:

  • Municipal recycling services

  • Effective cleaning and sorting of your recycling

  • Composting kitchen and yard waste

  • Safely disposing of hazardous materials. (You might be incorrectly throwing them in the trash which could be directly causing problems in your neighborhood!)

  • Paper, battery, electronics and plastics recycling tips

  • Saving money on your garbage bills

  • And more!

Recycling Report

Best of all, the report is FREE.

So much information was available that it all wouldn't fit into "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" Even with 59 pages of valuable information, I still needed to include this special report for you.

But what are you really getting from these books?

When you order a copy of "Everything YOU Always Wanted To Know About RECYCLING...But NEVER Dared To Ask!" you're not only getting information about the planet's problems, you're able to learn about putting plans in motion that will really work.


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Here is an excerpt of the book


In its most basic form, recycling is the process by where waste is turned into something useful. This can be in the form of creating totally new materials from old ones, stripping valuable materials from complex items or turning waste materials back into the very same packaging and containers.

Recycling seeks to save energy and materials while decreasing pollution and the amount of land that is dedicated to storing all the waste. It is only one component of the overall "waste hierarchy " that those who study sustainability have identified as the best way to use finite resources with minimal damage. However, the sheer volume of materials that can be recycled makes it a very important aspect of a larger sustainable development approach.

Recycling can directly reduce the negative impacts of human society on the world and its own viability when widely adopted. It can also indirectly encourage people to think differently when they make purchases and how they approach consumption. Taken together, a zero-waste society is more than possible, it can actually be highly profitable.

The best part of this eBook is that you don't have to wait another minute or head into a crowded store to pick up a copy. You can start learning and reading in just minutes.


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