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Composting Horse Manure

Have you ever found yourself with an overabundance of horse manure? Then you might consider composting!

Best Use Of Horse Manure

There are so many benefits to composting horse manure that you will be glad you know about this option. You might just find composting to be the very best use of horse manure. Consider these benefits.

Fewer Flies

One of the first benefits of composting horse manure is the reduction in the number of flies.

Without composting horse manure, the fly eggs and larvae found in the manure may mature and prove bothersome. The temperatures reached in composting are enough to kill the fly eggs and larvae before they have the chance to mature. Also, the less manure you have lying around that is not composting means there is less of a breeding ground for these pesky flies.

Less To Smell

A properly taken care of compost heap will also reduce the unpleasant smells. If it is well managed then there will not be any odor that is associated with the not composted variety.

Composting also reduces the bulk of the horse manure to about half of its original volume. This is an easy way to reduce the amount you have lying around.

Compost Sales

You can even sell the product when you begin composting horse manure. Trying to sell it in its original form may prove problematic, but once it is compost then it is usable by any number of businesses that work with plants. You could even turn a profit on your excess compost production.

Who knew horse manure was a cash crop?

Fertile Soil

Using the compost yourself produces rich, fertile soil. It allows more air to access the soil and can even improve the soil’s water retention. This may reduce erosion of soil. If the soil can hold more water then it will not be as easily worn away by an influx of water.

Cleaner Water

Composting horse manure changes the nitrogen into a form that is less likely to be dissolved or dispersed in water. This is good news for the drinking water supply that may be found near areas where compost is being used.

In this way, composting horse manure can help to maintain the purity of water sources.

Finally, this process reduces dependency on resources like natural gas. Natural gas can go toward fertilizer production, but it does not have to. Horse manure is definitely a renewable resource.

Composting horse manure has too many benefits to mention. Suffice it to say, if you have a lot of horse manure lying around, there is no better use than composting horse manure. Plus, you are not likely to run out of this now valuable commodity anytime soon.