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Composting Toilets: A Technology Like No Other

There are different types of technologies out there; however the compost toilet is in a class of its own.

Many people take for granted that they visit their bathroom, take care of business, flush it away, wash up, and head on out without a care in the world. But do you realize there is a whole technology behind the flushing system?

Composting toilets are a part of that technology.

Types Of Composting Toilets?

Believe it or not, there are styles and types of composting toilets. A few include:


The complete composting technology happens "in-site". You would flush the waste below to a central remote area, or if a vacuum flush design is in place then the waste would move horizontally or even upward.

"Clivus Multrum"

These complex composting toilets take up more room because they have a large compartment that holds the waste. This compartment is below the composting toilet.


Also known as a "fossa alterna", is similar to composting toilets with compartments but they do not have a bucket.

This is a double alternating pit compost toilet. The waste is dropped in a pit and when the pit is full then another pit is dug and used. The waste may eventually be used as a fertilizer.

These double pit varieties are not typically found in a general neighborhood, but only in remote areas.


These unique composting toilets are similar to pit toilets but when the pit is full then a tree is planted and a new pit is dug.

More Interesting Facts About Compst Toilets

A few other things to know about composting toilets include:

• Some of these units use electricity for exhaust fans or to operate a rotating drum which will aid in the aerobic breakdown of the wastes.

• To decrease the smells of composting toilets then quick drying technologies need to be applied. One example would be using UDD (urine-diversion dehydrating) toilets. These have two containers that hold the urine and the feces separate from each other.

• There are solar toilets, do-it-yourself kits, and commercial systems

Composting Toilet Companies

There are companies that specialize in the proper manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of composting toilets. You can find more information on companies by researching online or contacting your local environmental protection agency. A few companies listed are:

• Advanced Composting Systems
• Biolet
• Enviroloo
• Nature-loo
• Nature's Head

Composting toilets may not be a popular idea for many, but it is a technology that needs to be explored further. As our population grows, the need for water conservation and waste removal becomes increasingly important. We need to come up with new ideas to help the environment and perhaps composting toilets may be the answer.