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The Waste Management Durapak – Garbage Truck Extraordinaire

When it comes to waste collection vehicles, the Waste Management Durapak is the type that most Americans are familiar with. We’ve all seen them and grown so accustomed to them over the years that we scarcely even notice them anymore when we pass by them on the streets.

This is actually quite a shame, because the Waste Management Durapak is an engineering marvel whose design has stood up to the test of time and proven to be one of the most popular and effectives models for a waste collection vehicle ever conceived.

Those who know their waste collection vehicles know that they come in a number of different types, and that the two most common are known as front loaders and rear loaders.

Generally speaking, front loaders will service business and residential areas that make use of larger dumpsters and waste containers, while the rear loaders will be seen in residential areas and those areas that set out their trash in smaller, easier to lift containers.

The great thing about the Waste Management Durapak, however, is that the basic design can be easily modified to adapt to either configuration. For this reason, it is able to service just about any area of the world and fulfill their waste management needs quite handily.

Front loading garbage trucks typically work by means of an automated fork mounted on the front of the vehicle that, through the use of powerful hydraulics, lifts waste containers up and over the cabin of the truck, where they are then flipped upside down, dispensing the waste inside into the vehicles storage container.

The reason that these trucks are able to haul so much is because the waste inside is then crushed flat via the use of a device known as a “packer blade”. The Waste Management Durapak has developed a system that allows the driver to begin driving to the next location almost immediately after dumping a load, because it can compact trash while on the move!

Rear loading garbage trucks on the other hand operate through a different principle. They tend to be closed in on the top, and only have an opening in the rear. As such, they can be filled either manually by waste management technicians, or automatically through the use of the same hydraulic forks as a front loader.

Once the waste is dumped, the Waste Management Durapak, or any rear-loader for that matter, then compacts the garbage towards the front of the vehicle via a giant moving wall.

Everyone knows what an important function waste collection vehicles serve. Without them patrolling our streets, it wouldn’t be long before our society was totally overrun with stinking rubbish, clogging up the arteries of commerce, civility, and progress.

Thanks to the Waste Management Durapak, however, we’ll never have to worry about that.