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Environmentally Driven PC Recycling

Some individuals update personal computer systems regularly, other purchase one and hope it will last them for a while, and other yet try to update the system they have to keep it up to date without needing to consistently purchase new units.

With the current rate of growing technology, there is always something new, and therefore always something old left over. This has caused a large numbers of computers to be essentially useless by today’s standards, and often times thrown into the trash.

PC recycling is on the rise now luckily, and needs to be continued, as the amount of computers becoming obsolete only increases each day.

Many people do not think about or realize what various components computers incorporate that are toxic to the environment, therefore making PC recycling quite necessary.

Computers monitors alone can contain up to ten pounds of lead and other heavy metals, which is especially true with older models. Circuit boards, cords, and casings of computers often contain toxic plastics as well. Early models of computers (and newer ones as well at times) contain mercury and other such components that get washed out of a computer in the rain and infiltrate water systems and pollute the earth.

Unfortunately when this situation occurs water filtration systems are no longer dependable because they were not designed with the need to eliminate such a strong chemical content, further demonstrating the need for PC recycling.

The modern computer is in the foreseeable future however! A number of company’s have begun manufacturing “green computers”. These computers will make it even easier to encourage PC recycling, because less effort will need to be made to deal with the toxic components.

Green PCs are made out of completely lead free and other non-toxic products. A simple internet search can help you find a number of companies that are currently producing and manufacturing environmentally friendly computers. Many of these computers are made out of previously used computers that have been changed and made available due to previous PC recycling.

While some will now begin to purchase and create only green computers, other computers are still being made out of toxic components that are poisoning the planet, and even if this was not the case there are still a number of old computers floating about that still need to be dealt with.

It may seem easier to just throw these old, seemingly useless systems into the trash and forget about them, but it has been shown that hands down, PC recycling is the most environmentally acceptable method of dealing with these items.