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Using a Personal Paper Recycling Unit

When most people think about paper recycling, they usually think about it on the grand scheme of things. In other words, pictures of the huge paper recycling receptacles found in the parking lots of grocery stores, libraries, and schools comes to mind.

Images of large paper recycling plants with tons of employees and its own fleet of trucks to pick up the used paper goods aren’t the only pictures to be seen when it comes to paper recycling. There are many advantages to considering paper recycling on a smaller scale.

By all means, continue with your home and office paper recycling, but with the use of paper recycling unit, you can recycle your own paper and use it for lots of creative and useful projects.

If you are unfamiliar with how a personal paper recycling unit works, you will be shocked by the ease and practicality of the system. They work much like a paper recycling plant, except they are tiny and meant to be used in the home or at school.

Some businesses have even been known to use them for all kinds of purposes. The paper resulting from the paper recycling unit can be used to make unique stationary, gifts, and interesting products like paper lamp shades and pen or pencil cups.

A paper recycling unit begins its process with a piece of equipment called a Hollander Beater. This piece is used to make pulp from the used paper scraps. Water is used to soak the material and the machine uses electricity to agitate the paper and water, creating pulp.

You can expect this process to take about 2 hours. Of course, things move along faster in a full size paper recycling plant, but the end result is well worth the time.

The next step in using a personal paper recycling unit is mixing the paper pulp thoroughly in a univat.

This feature of the system is used to create the actual paper pages. It contains a unique mold and deckle unit that shapes the paper pulp into the proper width and thickness, so every sheet is uniform and hold its shape. A screw press is then used to squeeze out any excess water from the newly formed sheets of paper.

Once the paper has completely dried, it can be used to make all sorts of crafts and decorations. Of course, the paper from the paper recycling unit can also be written on and makes for a very special looking certificate or other document. It’s no big deal to save a few paper scraps back for your own personal use.