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The Right Paper For The Paper Recycling Process

Most people are familiar with the recycling logo. You can find it on some of the packaging of products you buy, as well as on bins and other items used for recycling.

What you might not be aware of is how the whole recycling process works. Let’s start at the beginning of the paper recycling process and work our way to the end. As you already know, the paper recycling process can’t start without the millions of people dedicated to collecting and getting their recyclables to the plants any way necessary.

Only certain types of paper can be recycled and it’s important to know which ones to save. The paper recycling process starts with you. Here are a few examples of the kinds of paper that are suitable for your recycling bin.

When most people think of the paper recycling process and what can be added to the mix, they tend to think about magazines and newspapers. Considering that a newspaper in the landfill can take up to ten years to biodegrade makes it an excellent choice for your paper recycling efforts. The same thing goes for magazines and sale flyers.

If possible, it’s incredibly helpful to remove any staples or non paper materials from your paper. It saves a lot of time in the paper recycling process.

Another type of paper that works well in the paper recycling process is construction paper. Schools and households with young children are sure to be excellent candidates for this type of paper recycling. You can also add cardboard of just about any kind into the mix for good measure.

On the subject of schools and other places where a great deal of paper is used, businesses, along with schools and universities, tend to use a lot of computer paper. Of course, this type of paper is easily added into the paper recycling bundles.

Most of the time, computer paper doesn’t need any preparation, like removing stapes or plastic tabs, before hand.

As mentioned, the above types of paper are pretty easy to deal with in the paper recycling process. There are others that can be used for recycling as well. You just might have to do a bit of work before the plant will be willing to accept it.

Take envelopes with plastic windows, for example. Even if the recycling plant in your area recycles plastic along with their paper recycling process, they still can’t take your envelope as is. It’s essential to remove the plastic first.

You will also have to be careful to remove any plastic faux credit cards from the junk mail you want to recycle.