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A Surprising Benefit Of Vegetable Oil Recycling: Fueling Your Car On Used Cooking Oil

The more the issue of developing renewable fuel sources takes hold in the popular media and in the political arenas, the more examples of alternative fuels gain broader recognition, particularly on the internet.

Electric, wind, solar, natural gas, you name it, there is a website or an article detailing emergent technologies that could provide solid answers to the nation’s energy concerns.

One such fuel option that may not be as widely publicized has to do with vegetable oil recycling.

The high cost of gasoline is one of the serious concerns on most Americans’ minds today. Many are wondering how they will be able to afford the price at the pump.

Questions abound that focus on finding a serious solution and offer an economic alternative. With this in mind, you might be wondering if there was such a thing as free fuel.

Better still, you may be asking, “Is there a way to reduce the effects of climate change or global warming by using a decent alternate fuel source such as biodiesel, but without paying the higher diesel fuel costs?”

You might be genuinely surprised that one of the benefits of vegetable oil recycling is that used cooking oil can be used as a fuel. The best part is that this oil can be obtained absolutely free in many places.

Knowing what it is and that it can be had without cost fosters skepticism in the minds of most people, but the facts are there if you spend some time researching the subject of vegetable oil and recycling methods that make use of it as a energy source.

Again, since you would be collecting waste oil from restaurants and other places, you would essentially be driving around for free. No more stressful visits to the gas station. How is all of this possible with vegetable oil recycling?

Brief History Lesson On Vegetable Oil Recycling

Did you know that when the diesel engine was originally created, it was designed to operate using any form of oil imaginable, including vegetable oil?

Although diesel fuel was developed to run these engines, it was and is not the only fuel you can use. While diesel fuel was cheap to buy, the question of the diesel engine’s wider usage was promptly forgotten.

Yet, when all fuel prices started rocketing out of control, the means offered by vegetable oil recycling came under consideration again.

Today, waste vegetable oil recycling is being equated with using diesel engine conversion kits to make the vehicle run on straight vegetable oil (SVO).

It is astounding to consider. When you realize the billions of gallons of waste vegetable oil disposed of by the fast food industry each year, you may start considering the benefits of using this widely available material as a free fuel source.

Thousands diesel car owners have already purchased conversion kits to make their diesel engines ready to run on vegetable oil.