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´╗┐What Should You Know About Washington State Oil Recycling Sites

If you are at all environmentally conscious, you may be among the millions of Americans who are trying to contribute to the effort to "go green" by recycling their oil.

It does not matter if it is motor oil or cooking oil, the drive to dispose and, in some cases, reuse these oils is gaining more momentum. If you happen to be a resident of Washington State, oil recycling sites available in your state may be a topic of serious discussion.

The question is the same regardless of the state. What are types of recycling sites and what should you know about Washington State oil recycling sites?

Oil recycling locations can take different forms. Perhaps, one of the most common places to get rid of used oil is at the shop where you get your vehicle's oil changed. (This may not apply if you are talking about cooking oils.)

Many Washington State oil recycling sites are located at such automotive repair shops and some garages. Independently, many of these places offer storage for a certain volume of used motor oils. This may vary from place to place to check before you transport the used oil.

In other cases, oil recycling initiatives have been established on the county and state levels, many in partnership with auto repair shops and other designated sites.

In Washington State, oil recycling sites have been established all across Thurston County and Mason County to name a few. The efforts in Thurston County have been spearheaded by the Waste and Recovery Center (WARC), which has developed resources to make people are of the facilities that are ready to receive their used motor and cooking oils.

Organizations like the local Department of Ecology are involved in creating a viable infrastructure to handle recycled oils appropriately.

Finally, it may not be surprising that not all Washington State oil recycling sites originate in the state. There are a number of major companies that specialize in oil recycling and re-refining. Most operate in more than one state.

One example of these companies is ORRCO, an Oregon-based company that has developed a key relationship with its neighbor state by providing award-winning services. Praises have come from the Washington State Department of Ecology in the form of its Waste Reduction & Recycling Award as well as the Washington State Recyclers Association.

It should be clear that there are multiple efforts at work regarding Washington State oil recycling sites, all striving to provide more locations and encourage more participation on the part of Washington State residents to dispose of used oils.

There is an opportunity to do something to improve the environment as well as reuse something that many consider a waste product.