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´╗┐What Are Some Prominent Oil Recycling Companies In Texas

Like any growing industry, there are small players that offer just enough to take care of customers down the street and there the major player that offer comprehensive services for major population bases.

An emerging industry like oil recycling is no exception. It is possible to find local auto stores that offer some form of oil recycling or serve as used oil drop off sites for those car owners who prefer to change their motor oil themselves rather than pay someone else.

At the same time there are larger oil recycling companies. In Texas, for example, a number of companies are growing or have already established themselves as international businesses.

What are some of the prominent oil recycling companies in Texas?

Perhaps, one of the top oil recycling companies in Texas is Safety-Kleen HoldCo. While the company has endured bankruptcy, it recent moved to a new headquarters in Plano, Texas is just part of the company's new bid to strengthen its operations.

Working through its subsidiary company, Safety-Kleen System, it offers was management services on the industrial and business levels to local auto shops, large corporations, and government agencies through the country as well as parts of Mexico and Canada.

Safety-Kleen is known as the largest company that specializes in the recovery and recycling of used oil products in the United States.

On a local level, Holcomb Oil Recycling, based in Houston, is one of best oil recycling companies in the Texas. They operate in the major Houston metropolitan area and beyond providing comprehensive oil recycling services.

They are dedicated to providing the people, the environment, and the crucial water supply of Texas with protection from the threat of oil contamination. They deal with all types of oil, offering complete remove and recycling. Oil is picked up from other drop-off locations and taken to Holcomb facilities to processed or disposed of safely.

Also situated in the general Houston area, is the up and coming Summit Recycling. This smaller company is offering some innovative approaches to processing waste vegetable oils and motor oils, including recycling programs and re-refining techniques.

As with other serious oil recycling companies in Texas, Summit is committed to providing environmentally safe services as well as excellent customer relations. The latest technologies help to make this company a real player in the broader oil recycling market.

Although there are other oil recycling companies in Texas, many are very small operations that function on the individual county and city levels. While some may be private companies, a majority are established by different state or federal agencies.

This article was meant to introduce you a few oil recycling companies in Texas while allowing you the freedom to search for other services in your area.