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´╗┐Finding A Specialty Glass Recycling Business

Apart from recycling centers that process glass bottles and jars, you can find a glass recycling business that specializes in automotive and plate glass used for windows, as well as container and specialty glass.

A glass recycling business that specializes in automotive glass is different from the regular recycling centers. Your local recycling center would not be set up to process automotive plate glass.

A glass recycling business that handles automotive glass deals with many kinds of glass that cannot be processed at any center that is not equipped to handle it.

For instance laminated glass consists of two layers of automotive plate glass with a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral, which is a layer of plastic vinyl which makes a windshield strong enough not to shatter). Sometimes the laminated glass has heat strips inside to help with defrosting your windows, and you will often notice antenna wires in the back windows of many cars.

Another type of automotive glass that a glass recycling business has to deal with is privacy glass. Privacy glass is glass that has been tinted a dark color. We often see vehicles that you can't see inside because they have privacy windows. The tint may be dark gray, bronze or green.

A glass recycling business that specializes in automotive glass will then sell the crushed glass and their component parts to companies that manufacture new glass products from the old.

In order to process glass the glass must be sorted and cleaned before crushing. An inventory must be kept of the kinds of automotive glass is stored in the recycling plant, because recycled glass is a product and represents income when the product is sold.

The different kinds of glass must be kept separate and must be accounted for. For instance, fiberglass, float glass, high-optical-quality glass used in making windows and container glass are three completely different types of glass and cannot be mixed because their product would then be contaminated.

The glass is sorted by color and chemistry. The laminate is removed and recycled also.

A glass recycling business may also specialize in glass in the lighting industry. The recycling truck that takes your recycled glass to a processing center will not lighting glass or automotive glass, but there are companies that do.

The Dlubak Glass Recycling Business is one such company that specializes in automotive glass, glass lamp shades, glassware and tableware, and many other kinds of glass, including fluorescent light bulbs, street lamps, medicine vials and eyeglasses.

If you are interested in finding a company that specializes in all types of glass, enter the words glass recycling business into your search engine and many recycling companies will show up, including the company mentioned in this article.