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´╗┐What Would We Do Without Recycling Glass

Have you ever thought about what our world would look like with recycling?

Imagine the litter on the roads, in your yard, and on the countryside.

What would we do without recycling glass? Imagine glass bottles broken in the road? Imagine driving down the road and the person in the car ahead of you throws out their beverage bottle and it smashes on the roadway in front of you.

How would that make you feel while you were changing your flat tires?

What would we do without recycling glass? What would you do if your city doesn't have a recycling program?

Chances are if you do not recycle glass and your city doesn't have a glass recycling center that your glass bottles and jars are ending up in the landfill in your city unless you have taken other measures to protect the environment.

What can you do if your city doesn't have a glass recycling center? You can reduce the number of glass containers that you purchase, and you can also reuse the containers that you have. Part of recycling is reusing what you have to keep from buying more items that will be thrown away later.

You can also go onto the Internet and locate a recycling center that is closest to the city you live in. If you go to you can find a recycling center near you by using the recycling locater on the website.

Concerning the environment, what would we do without recycling glass? If there were no glass recycling centers the earth would soon be depleted of her natural resources.

In order to make glass from scratch it is made from sand, silica, ash and other elements. In time the earth would be stripped and there would be nothing left of our planet for the generations that come after us.

What would we do without recycling glass? Think of the tax dollars you would pay for clean up?

Think about the injuries that your children might incur because of stepping on bottles that have been thrown from car windows and broken in your yard. Your children would not be safe to play in their own yards.

If you take time to imagine what your corner of the earth would be like if no one recycled, that should be reason enough to keep the litter off the ground and out of the landfills by recycling.

What would we do without recycling glass?

It makes perfect sense to recycle for obvious reasons, but there are reasons that we don't often think about, or maybe we aren't even aware of. As the earth warms up from all the toxins and pollutants that are released in the form of greenhouse gases, the manufacture of new materials adds to that.

Then comes our bad weather. Hurricanes have been devastating to parts of the United States in recent years.

Global warming leads to climate change, and not recycling leads to global warming. For every action we take there is a reaction. If we recycle we help the environment and if we don't we hurt the environment; it is that simple.