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´╗┐Caring For Your New Glass Recycling Equipment

Did you know you could purchase glass recycling equipment to start your own business?

Whether you want to produce cullet for your own uses or to sell, you can purchase glass recycling equipment in whatever size you want for your needs. A glass aggregating system turns your bottles and jars into fine gravel like pieces that you can sell or use in your yard.

The aggregating system is an efficient piece of machinery because it turns the glass into aggregate in one pass through the system. The system removes labels and bottle caps.

The aggregate system eliminates the need to pre-break your bottles and jars. The glass aggregate system is one very good piece of glass recycling equipment.

No matter the size of your glass recycling business there is a machine to fit your needs. Glass recycling equipment come in many sizes, from 10,000 pounds or more to just a few hundred pounds.

Some aggregating systems are so large that they have a conveyor belt to feed the glass into the machines. Others are so small they can take up little space in your garage.

Glass aggregating machines have to be cleaned from time to time, for this you need to use a vacuum system and a cleaning brush to carefully remove the glass particles.

Don't ever use compressed air to clean out your glass recycling equipment, because glass particles will go all over and you could get those particles in your eyes and on your skin.

To preserve the life of your glass recycling equipment, you must know that the machine gets hot the longer it runs. The aggregating machine gets hot because the gears turn at speeds up to 15,000 revolutions per minute. The running speed should not exceed 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

To preserve the life of your machine you should have some sort of probe or laser temperature gage on the machine; you can purchase one if your machine doesn't come with one. Once your machine starts to get hot it should be turned off for awhile to cool off.

As a safety component, the gears inside the machine are built so that there is a little play in between the gears to allow for expansion. As the steel gears get hot grinding the glass into aggregate they expand, which causes a certain amount of backlash, which in turn prevents too much friction from resulting.

If you are running your glass aggregating machine for the first time be sure to read the directions before you start turning glass into aggregate.

The instructions will tell you how much glass to load at one time and how many RPMs the gears should run. It is a good idea to test your glass recycling equipment by cutting small loads of glass at a time.