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How To Start Recycling Electronics in Louisiana

Long ago the federal government deemed that electronics equipment such as computers, cell phones, cameras and other devices would be categorized as hazardous waste due to the chemicals and substances such as mercury used to produce them; consequently starting a business electronics recycling in Louisiana right now is an excellent decision.

Electronics recycling in Louisiana includes a number of benefits.

The first is that the proper handling of used and outdated electronics equipment is necessary in order to comply with both federal and state laws. The reason legislation is necessary is to protect our environment – the soil and water – from becoming contaminated by the hazardous wastes in electronics devices.

This concern for saving the environment extends not only to government entities, but to the average consumer. It is important nowadays for any business to demonstrate their commitment to practicing eco-friendly processes as this positively affects consumers’ views of the company.

Currently, the state of Louisiana does not have any legislation on its books which governs and provides specific rules regarding the disposal of electronics equipment. Universal waste is merely defined as either hazardous or non-hazardous.

According to the current law, “An electronic device becomes a waste on the date it is discarded ; An unused electronic device becomes a waste on the date the handler decides to discard it; An electronic device is a universal waste if destined for recycling or dismantling”.

What It Takes to Become an Electronics Recycler in Louisiana

To be properly certified to handle universal waste and electronics recycling in Louisiana, an entity is categorized as either a Universal Waste Handler, Universal Waste Transfer Facility, or Universal Waste Transporter.

In addition, businesses are designated as small or large quantity handlers. There are time limits as to how long electronics waste can be held onsite before being transported or properly disposed of as well as regulations regarding exporting and shipping of these items. Various records are required to be kept and submitted periodically to the state for proof of compliance.

Qualified handlers of universal waste involved in electronics recycling in Louisiana must be registered with both the Louisiana Office of Environmental Services and the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

They must also apply for a two-part permit through the state’s Office of Environmental Services and submit a notification form within 90 days of applying for the permit.

There is a very detailed, 700+ page document available on the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality website which would be prudent to download and review before going further with your business electronics recycling in Louisiana.