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´╗┐What Is Ecology And How Does It Affect Us

What is Ecology?

Any time there is a word with ology at the end, it means the study of. The beginning of the word ecology eco refers to household. In this case ecology is the study Ecology is the study of organisms, whether they are animal life or plant life and how they interact with the environment.

An environment isn't only the air we breathe, but the ground and groundwater of the earth, the deserts, forests, rain forests, and the oceans. The essence of what is ecology is affected by primarily by pollution caused by careless human beings.

We as parents and grandparents have a duty to teach our children the basics of ecology. When your children ask what is ecology, this is the time to teach them why you ask them to recycle.

Recycling preserves the environment, by keeping plastic, glass, aluminum and paper out of the landfills; thereby eliminating tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.

When we don't recycle it makes more waste to accumulate in the landfills, and as the waste is processed more pollution is released into the air to cause global warming.

What is ecology testing? Scientists conduct experiments not only in laboratories, but also in forests, wetlands, deserts, lakes and oceans. They study the effects of pollution on the environment and the animal and plant life. Through the years of study scientific experiments have led to discoveries that developed techniques to help preserve our natural resources, wildlife, and aquatic life.

In order for the human species to survive we have to be concerned with ecological systems. The question: What is ecology must be answered and understood.

In order to sustain the lives of future generations of people we must make changes in the way we treat our environment, or we will strip the earth of all her natural resources. We have an obligation to the earth and to the generations that come after us to change the way we think about ecology.

What is ecology in association with green power? We have a duty to change our thinking about everything we do, including how we power our homes. We have a choice to purchase green power from our power company.

By purchasing sustainable energy we are preventing greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. The more pollution that is released into the environment, the more the ecology is threatened.

What is ecology ? Ecology is the study associated with preserving the environment, while taking measures to prevent pollution from destroying it.

Whether the study is about the effects of insecticides used on mosquitoes that affect the bird population, or the effects of global warming on the polar bears, there is a common thread that unites us to preserve the environment so that it will sustain life in the generations to come.