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´╗┐Animal Advocacy And Ecology News Reports

We have only to turn on our TV sets to hear something new in ecology news reports. Before Hurricane Ike ever hit the great state of Texas it hit some islands in the Caribbean.

There was a beautiful flamingo population that lived on the Bahamian island called Great Inagua. The flamingos are gone; 30 were found dead, and the rest just vanished.

Hurricanes cause so much damage, because they destroy everything in their paths. When Hurricane Ike hit Galveston many animals were rescued by the volunteers.

We have learned from past disasters how the animals were left behind to fend for themselves. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the levees broke causing the massive flooding many animals were left behind because the rescuers made the people abandon their pets.

Animal ecology news reports kept us informed of the animal rescues. Many people might say it's just a dog or a cat, but a life is a life. Who is to say that human life is any more sacred than animals lives? Now with more awareness of animals right to live, more of an effort is made to save animals when a disaster hits.

So many animals died, but so many were rescued and many were reunited with their owners. Some animal victims never found their previous owners, but were given new homes thanks to the efforts of shelters and animal ecology news reports.

It is terrible when a disaster causes the loss of animal life, and their abandonment, but what is even worse is when people just don't care enough to maintain a good home for their pets.

Some people throw away pets like they change their clothes. Many people move to other places of residence and just leave their pets behind. Thanks to animal ecology news people are getting the message that it is against the law to abandon their pets.

A pet that has had you to take care of it all it's life isn't going to know how to take care of itself. Hopefully as we become educated through the efforts of animal ecology news reports we will take better care of the animals who depend on us.

If you must give up an animal don't just release it to the elements. A cat, dog or other pet that has lived inside will either become prey or a predator and life will be lost. If you must leave your pet behind take it to a shelter where it has a chance of being adopted into another home.

Thanks to ecology news reports that touch the hearts of people many animals have found loving homes. Many animal victims of disasters such as the hurricanes Gustav, Ivan and even Katrina made national news.

Thanks to caring people and animal ecology news reports more animals are finding loving homes.