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´╗┐Ecology Auto Parts The Pic-n-Pay Auto Parts Store

Ecology Auto Parts is the junkyard to end all junkyards; it is a chain of junkyards where you pick and pull the parts you need off cars in the junkyard. By purchasing auto parts from Ecology Auto, you are saving money and recycling too.

The cars at Ecology Auto Parts are parked in group sections. You won't have to hunt all over the yard for the car you need. Just bring your own tool kit and pay the door man $2 to enter the yard.

Get busy and pull off the part you need and then just pay for it. You will do well to call Ecology Auto in advance if you need a part; the manager may be able to show you to a new arrival, or what some call a fresh kill.

If you need a fuel pump, air conditioning compressor, or some other high dollar part you have a better chance of getting the parts you need from a car or truck that hasn't been picked over already.

You can save lots of money by visiting a junkyard like Ecology Auto. Considering the prices in the auto parts stores these days, you would do well to visit a yard like this.

The prices of the auto parts at this junkyard are extremely low because you pick and pull the parts yourself. Check with Ecology Auto about their prices.

Ecology Auto Parts is one of the largest self-serve yards in the Southwest. The yard takes old cars that aren't roadworthy anymore. By recycling your old car you are helping the environment by controlling pollution. By buying your auto parts here you will save on average 80 percent of what you would pay for new or reconditioned parts at a traditional auto parts store.

The company doesn't just sell parts, they will sell you a car, or they will buy your car if you so desire. If you are a trucker, you are in luck because Ecology Auto sells parts for the big box trucks, tractor trailers and semis.

The yard is open 364 days a year rain or shine from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time. They are only closed on Christmas. Each store has a clean up station, so after you pull your part you can wash your hands before you come to the counter to pay.

When the vehicles are picked clean they are then sent to a crusher and shipped overseas to have their metal shredded into small chunks where they can be melted down into sheet metal.

Many manufacturing companies use recycled metal to make new materials. This is a great way to keep the environment clean and sustain the earth for the next generation.

If you need a part and there is not a vehicle in the yard just like yours, the company will give you a printout of vehicles that have parts that are interchangeable with yours.

Many vehicles use the same parts; the office manager has a list of every car made that interchanges parts and there is no charge for this service.