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´╗┐Careers In Conservation And Restoration Ecology

Restoration ecology is the science of renewing and repairing a damaged or destroyed habitat or ecosystem. The practice has been around for thousands of years, but the word restoration ecology wasn't coined, nor did become a science with research studies until the late 1980s.

Conservation and restoration ecology not only benefits wildlife, but it also benefits us, because the different ecosystems provide us with water and air purification, climate control, decomposition of waste products, while providing us with food, water, timber and fuel.

For wildlife and humankind to flourish there needs to be a balance in the ecosystem and conservation ecology helps to maintain that balance because we maintain and restore ecosystems, rather than deplete them.

The science of restoration ecology has taught us how to create a sustainable environment.

Careers related to ecology are everywhere. You may be interested in a career in the study and prevention of air pollution, biochemistry, or conservation ecology. Y

ou might be interested in the earth system sciences, geotechnical engineering, or civil engineering. There are a myriad of opportunities in the field of meteorology, space and planetary sciences, and much more. The concept of restoration ecology touches almost every career choice, including surveying, petroleum engineering, agricultural sciences, and much more.

If you are interested in a specific area of ecology you can find information on the Internet.

For instance if you are interested in atmospheric science you might want to train for a career in meteorology. You would attend a university and earn a degree in meteorology. Your courses of study would also include computer and environmental sciences and chemistry.

One of the biggest employment opportunities comes through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

An example of restoration ecology touching the field of meteorology you would be able to save lives by making accurate forecasts. You would interpret weather maps and read computer images that come from radar scans and satellite photographs.

Restoration ecology is related to almost every environment and every career choice.

Often damage is done to vast areas, as well as small communities by the wind, rain and flooding that comes with severe weather.

A career in meteorology can be rewarding because you can be partly responsible for saving lives. For instance, when the alert was given to Galveston, Texas to evacuate when Hurricane Ike was on its way, it was because meteorologists marked the path of the storm. Galveston is now underway with plans of being restored though the efforts of restoration ecology programs.

Government programs such as FEMA are helping people with food, water, and places to stay while the restoration takes place.