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Composting Bins: An Essential Tool To Make Black Gold

Okay you have read countless articles on the benefits of composting and have decided to compost your household and yard waste. That's great! However, you have no idea how to start.

The first thing to think about is where are you going to process this compost?

Composting bins are a great place to contain your compost. Bins come in many sizes, shapes, costs, and styles. Here are a few to help you with the thought process:

"The Outside Gourmet" – No, this is not a personal chef who plans on setting up shop on your patio (although, that would be nice). This is one of the most popular styles of composting bins, in North America.

This model has a dual access/ snap shut lid, adjustable air vents, and a sliding bottom door that makes for easy harvesting. It has a small foot print so it can fit in even the tightest of gardens.

The black color will attract the sun for quicker decomposition. These compost bins have open bottoms, so they do work best on the grass or dirt ground.

Cedar Slatted – This is the perfect composting bin for those who like the look of wood. The red cedar resists the elements and the galvanized hardware will last for years.

There are removable slats on one side of these compost bins, which will make for easier access. Air and moisture will circulate with ease because of the open air design.

The Solar Digester – This sounds like a great name for a new sun screen, but it is one of the composting bins offered on the market.

This is made of three parts: an in-ground basket, an inner opaque black case, and a green translucent outer cone with a lid.

The buried basket holds your household food waste (veggie and fruit peels, coffee grounds, etc.) while the soil breaks it down, sunlight will penetrate the outer cone heating the layer of air between the two cones.

The heat is passively circulated through the system and there is aerobic movement for micro-organisms to do their magic, even in the cold weather.

Pet Friendly Automatic Composter – Ever wonder if you could do something with those pet wastes or small critter shavings? Well, this style of composting bins could be your answer.

This is ideal for up to two dogs, four cats, or a variety of small animals like rabbits, hamsters, snakes, and such. However, this is not recommended for horses.

You can dump your kitchen waste too and keep the unit inside, but if you are using it with pet wastes then it is recommended to use the composter outdoors. The sturdy construct will allow you to do this with ease. Within two weeks, you will have usable compost material for your garden.

There is a handy light indicator that will let you know when the compost is ready to use.

Composting bins are available to fit any and all of your composting needs.